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Celebrate National School Breakfast Week with good food, prize opportunities

National School Breakfast Week is almost here! This year, schools in District 279 are participating in the March 8-12 celebration by providing students with nutritious and delicious meals, as well as opportunities to win prizes just by eating a school breakfast.

To celebrate the week, the district's nutrition services department will hold a hidden "Golden Ticket" promotion for children who eat a school breakfast between March 8-12. One student at each site who receives the Golden Ticket with their breakfast will be awarded a $25 Barnes & Noble gift card. At the end of the week, a grand prize Golden Ticket will be randomly distributed at one elementary and one secondary school. The elementary student who receives the grand prize Golden Ticket will win an Android tablet, and the secondary student who receives the grand prize Golden Ticket will win a pair of AirPods. (Note: No district funds were used to purchase the prizes.)

Eating a healthy breakfast is an important part of students being ready to learn each day. National studies show that children who eat breakfast reach higher levels of achievement in reading and math, score higher on standardized tests, and have better concentration and memory.