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North View Middle School finds ways to engage scholars during Hispanic Heritage Month

North View Middle School library media specialist, Anna Teeple, has spent the last 24 years working with scholars. She loves helping students find books, and on average each student checks out 23 books during the school year. Teeple is always finding new ways to get students interested, and one of the ways she does this is with the help of her dog, Sadie. 

Sadie is a therapy dog, and she promotes new books in a slide deck that is sent out to teachers. For Hispanic Heritage Month, Sadie is recommending students get connected in culture by checking out six featured titles. She also has 31 additional recommendations for students to continue engaging in during this month.

“Sadie loves helping students, and there is a need for students to see themselves in books. The slide deck is one of the ways students can find out more,” said Teeple. 

One of the book recommendations, “The Last BeeKeeper” by Pablo Cartaya, takes place in the future. It is about a girl named Yolanda who lives in a time when the world has changed because of climate disasters. She leaves the life she knew as a farm girl and goes on a mission to rediscover the extinct species of bees. 

There are many other unique titles for students to explore. Books like this allow students to learn and continue to be creative. Teeple and Sadie work to keep students invested in their educational journeys. 

“Keep on reading, and learning during this month. ¡Feliz Mes de la Herencia Hispana!,” says Sadie.