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Handbook, Expectations & Supply Lists

Living each day with Knight Pride

Our parent and student handbook provides important information about life at North View Middle School, including:

  • Student expectations and Knight Pride
  • Academic and support services
  • Important phone numbers
  • Daily schedules
  • Dress code
  • School year calendars
  • Student behavior plans and supports
  • Policies your family should know

2023-2024 Parent/Student Handbook (PDF)

Three North View Middle School students smile in the cafeteria.

2023-2024 School Supply Lists


  1. Three folders
  2. Three single-subject, spiral notebooks
  3. Pencils/pens

Recommended for Phy Ed

  1. Athletic shorts or pants
  2. Athletic shoes and socks


  1. Highlighter
  2. Colored pencils
  3. Backpack

Note: Teachers may inform students of other subject-specific supplies during the first week of school.

What is Knight Pride?

At North View Middle, staff and students foster a positive, welcoming environment for all. Our school community flourishes when we're respectful, responsible, safe and ready.

Be Respectful

Student expectations:

  • Treat all people and property with care
  • Speak and listen respectfully
  • Accept directions and consequences
  • Keep your hands, feet and items to yourself
  • Wear appropriate clothing


Be Responsible & Safe

Student expectations:

  • Walk in the hallways
  • Follow adults' directions
  • Stay on task and complete work on time
  • Stay in assigned areas
  • Keep personal items in your locker
  • Encourage positive behavior among classmates


Be Ready

Student expectations:

  • Be on time
  • Be prepared for class
  • Use passing time appropriately
  • If out of class, have a pass