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Opportunities to get involved

Band, Choir & Orchestra

North View Middle brings the joy of music to scholars via opportunities in band, choir and orchestra. Participating in these activities can help you grow your skills, meet new friends, and prepare for high school music opportunities.


Learn the basic rules and strategies of chess in a fun and welcoming environment. Outsmart your opponents in head-to-head matches and challenge Mr. Stahlmann!

Cooking Club

Students in Cooking Club have opportunities to:

  • Read and follow recipes
  • Cook and eat delicious food
  • Work with the school legacy garden and cook/can food that is grown on-site every spring

Destination Imagination

Destination Imagination is a creative problem-solving challenge competition that seeks to inspire and equip students to become the next generation of innovators and leaders. Challenges incorporate STEM, improvisation, performing arts and visual arts skills; each challenge is open-ended and enables teams to learn and experience the creative process from imagination to innovation. In working to solve their challenges, students build confidence and creativity and hone skills like collaboration, communication and critical thinking.

Drama Club

Are you interested in theatre? Do you want to act out small skits and plays? Do you want to perform live frescos (body still shots), Spoken Word and poetry? If so, join Ms. Maron every Thursday after school for North View Middle's Drama Club!

Hot Chocolate, Books & Board Games

Grab a book or a board game and relax with some cocoa! This club meets every Wednesday.

K-Pop Dance

Join us for K-Pop Dance! In this club, you can draw inspiration from different K-Pop groups and songs to create your own choreography. 

League of Legends

What will you encounter during your League of Legends battle? Test your skills on Wednesdays with Mr. Jacobson!


In this program, you can learn the fundamentals of programming by using the Python language to make exciting things happen in the game Minecraft. 

Participants will learn what tasks computers are good at, how to encourage them to produce useful information for us, and how to interact with that information in surprising, delightful and enlightening ways. 

By the end of the course, all participants should be able to create simple, fully original and working computer programs in a modern language used by professionals in the computing field today.

Public Art

Choose a subject to paint as you relieve your stress. 

Sports: A.M. Hoops & Volleyball

A.M. Hoops (Monday-Thursday, 7:20-8 a.m.)

  • Practice your skills
  • Participate in scrimmages
  • Work on math with basketball stats

Volleyball (Tuesdays and Thursdays)

  • Learn volleyball skills
  • Work together with others on a team
  • Keep track of your progress
  • Have fun!

Stay Lookin' Fly

Participate in this club to:

  • Learn the proper way to take care of your hair
  • Learn how to style your hair
  • Learn different braiding techniques
  • Learn how to do/care for your nails
  • Learn how to care for your skin

Student Council

Take the lead in shaping your school community by serving on the North View Middle Student Council.

WEB: Where Everybody Belongs

Eighth grade students have the opportunity to take the lead as mentors to new students through our WEB: Where Everybody Belongs program. Participating as a WEB leader helps you actively engage new students, build community, and strengthen school climate and culture.